29, Jul 2019

How To Improve Your Writing Right Now.

You want to start writing about your business, but don’t quite know where to start (or sometimes when to finish).

If you want to create clear, engaging copy that connects with your audience, check out some of our basic tips below.

Here’s how you can brush up your writing skills.

How To Improve Your Writing

Write how you’d talk.

A lot of people believe they “can’t write”, but quality copywriting isn’t always about using fancy words or metaphors – it’s about getting a message across effectively.

When you’re writing for your business, all you need to do is write how you’d talk to clients in real life.

Be friendly, approachable and use clear, easy-to-understand language and concepts.

This is far more powerful than waffling on as if you’ve just swallowed a thesaurus. You’re not writing the next best-seller, you’re speaking with customers who probably have a similar linguistic ability to you.

Don’t overuse the same word.

On the other hand, be careful not to repeat the same words over and over again.

This causes your copy to become boring and samey.

Adjectives like ‘very’ and ‘really’ can be replaced with ‘extremely’ or ‘notably’ to ensure your text stays vibrant and engaging. Do consult a thesaurus, just don’t use it for every single word.

Nowadays, synonyms are only a few clicks away. Have a play around with new words and see what fits the best.

Keep your writing short and sweet.

Let’s face it, the world has a dwindling attention span and getting your message across succinctly has never been more important.

Reams of writing turns people off – unless they’ve signed up to read a thesis, they won’t want to sift through your 2,000-word blog post.

We aim for around 500 words, but you can increase or decrease depending on what you feel is right for the topic and your audience.

Get a proofreader or use Grammarly.

Having a second pair of eyes is essential, even for those of us who write for a living!

That’s why we use keen-eyed proofreaders and use tools like Grammarly to double and triple check our work. Spelling mistakes and typos can crop up – especially when your peepers are tired (a common symptom of being a business owner, we’ve heard).

If you really have no one who is prepared to read your stuff, take a break and return to your screen. Try changing the font or colour so your brain can take a fresh look at the text.

Read your writing aloud.

Now, we know this isn’t always possible – trust us, we work in a very quiet co-working space.

But, reading aloud can seriously help you to make sure your copy makes sense and doesn’t induce any comas.

We usually go for a quiet whisper when there are others around. But, why not read it aloud to a colleague to get their feedback?

Fed up with trying to write, or simply don’t have the time? Get in touch with us right now to see how we can help.

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