21, Jun 2019

Bloom Launches New Digital Creative Event in Hull.

Bloom Creative has teamed up with freelance copywriter Tim Goodfellow and freelance social media marketer Matt Johnson to put on a series of events, talks and workshops that focus on creativity in digital.

Creative Point was born after a conversation between Bloom’s director, Courtney Farrow and Tim and Matt, who all felt that there was a need for a regular event at C4DI that bridged the gap between technology companies and creative individuals.

“We want to create a space where creatives can connect with the tech and business community in Hull and let them know that they have a role to play in the future of digital,” explains Courtney.

“If you told me that I would be working with several tech companies to help them improve their digital presence a few years ago when I was studying for my BA in History, I wouldn’t have believed you. The truth is, creative subjects and hobbies give you a lot of transferable skills that are needed in the digital world.”

Creative Point comes in three flavours – INSPIRE, INFORM and LEARN – with each type of event focusing on thinking creatively in a digital world.

INSPIRE invites speakers from across the country to speak on a wide range of topics, whether this is a specific career path they’ve chosen, campaign or event they’ve started or business they’ve set up. 

“Inspire is about the big stories and ideas that we’ll all be able to take something away from. Whether that’s an idea for your own work or motivation to achieve your next goal, these sessions will highlight to attendees what is achievable in the world of digital marketing and content creation.” reveals Matt, Freelance Social Media Marketer. 

Meanwhile, INFORM focuses on the method behind those big success stories. 

“We want to delve into specific topics, such as copywriting, animation, and influencer marketing. Hearing from experts in these areas, we have created these sessions to help businesses grow and thrive,” Matt continues. 

Lastly, LEARN takes a more intimate approach, where attendees can learn a new skill or brush up their knowledge in a workshop-style format. These sessions will give attendees ‘takeaway’ practical tips they can implement straight away with limited resources.

“The idea behind the different types of events is to attract a range of different people, all with their own unique talents and strengths,” adds Tim, Freelance Copywriter at Goodfellow Content. 

“We want to empower creatives to use their craft to start their own business – as we have done – while creating a talent and knowledge pool for the tech companies in Hull and East Yorkshire.” 

Creative Point kicks off on Wednesday 17 July, with an afternoon jam-packed full of LEARN workshops, giving people a taste for what’s to come. The initial workshops primarily focus on digital content creation, from copywriting and social media to podcasting on a budget. 

Shortly after, we’ll be announcing some key dates for your diaries, including a talk on influencer marketing, copywriting and creating digital content for arts and culture.

For more information about and to get tickets, please visit the Creative Point website.

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