31, Jul 2019

98 Content Ideas For Your Business Blog.

Thinking up content ideas for your business blog can be tricky, especially when you’re already wearing so many hats – accountant, marketing, sales, finance, IT… let’s face it, the list is endless.

If you’re completely stuck in a rut with your content, or maybe don’t have a clue where to start when it comes to blogging, check out our long list of blog post ideas below.

Blog Ideas For Businesses

1) Share the history of your business.

2) Interview the CEO or business founder.

3) Interview a member of staff about their role. 

4) Share updates on your business.

5) Share team achievements, such as awards and milestones.

6) Shout about local news that is relevant to your business or your office location. 

7) Share your opinion on industry news. 

8) Take a deep dive into one of your products or services.

9) Create a ‘How To’ style post relevant to your service or product. 

10) Create a step-by-step guide that your readers can action and benefit from. 

11) Share common mistakes people make when it comes to your specialism/skill.

12) Share statistics on how people can benefit from your product/service.

13) Share case studies and success stories. 

14) Get personal and create a behind the scenes tour of your office space. 

15) Round up and review a recent conference/talk or exhibition you’ve attended. 

16) Answer your business’ most frequently asked questions.

17) Answer your industry’s most frequently asked questions.

18) Round up your favourite tools or apps for business owners in your industry. 

19) Round up your favourite tools or apps you’d recommend to your customers to solve a specific issue/problem. 

20) Create a free downloadable/printable PDF checklist to help your readers through a common problem. 

21) Draw up a list of your favourite blogs/news outlets.

22) Create a recap of your business on a specific milestone. For example, ‘30 years on’ or ‘one year on’. 

23) Compile a list of quotes that have encouraged you and could inspire your readers.

 24) Curate a list of useful, reliable resources for your readers.

 25) Draw up a list of useful books for your readers to enjoy.

26) Collate a list of useful podcasts for your readers to enjoy. 

27) Deep dive into a frequently asked question or customer pain point. 

28) Share your business goals. 

29) Tell customers what they can look forward to seeing in your industry in the coming year. 

30) Disagree with a popular opinion (only if you genuinely disagree). 

31) Ask your readers questions about your industry. 

32) Bust some myths about your industry. 

33) Talk about a specific day of the year related to your business.

34) Talk about a specific trend or hashtag related to your business. 

35) Review a book that’s in your niche (but not a competitors).

 36) Review a product that’s in your niche (but not a competitors). 

 37) Review a service that’s in your niche (but not a competitors). 

 38) Compare several products that could help your readers. 

 39) Compare several services that could help your readers. 

 40) Showcase your charity or volunteering work.

41) Talk about business mistakes you’ve made – even better if others can learn from your lessons. 

 42) Share your industry predictions.  

43) Reveal industry secrets. 

44) Share a quick, actionable tip that your readers can action tomorrow. 

45) Interview someone in your niche or someone you can look up to. 

46) Share a day in the life of your business.

47) Compile a list of activities in your local area for your customers to do.

48) Highlight misconceptions and myths in your industry. 

49) Explain the origin of the name of your company.

50) Share what you have learned over the years as a business owner or as your specific job role. 

51) Share a ‘hard truth’ that your competitors might not be brave enough to tell customers.

52) Share your opinion on the future of your industry. 

53) Share your company values and mission and why you have chosen them.  

54) Consider how legislation changes could change your industry. 

55) Consider how technology changes could change your industry. 

56) Share the latest trends in your industry and your opinion on them.

58) Take a look back at the history of your entire industry. 

59) Share a funny anecdote or elaborate on a conversation that happened in your office. 

60) On this day: A throwback to an event or milestone that happened in the past. 

61) Interviews of businesses or suppliers you work with – for example if your business prides itself on sourcing local produce. 

62) Review a piece of software that you use that could be useful for your readers.

63) A deep-dive into your everyday toolbox. What tech, apps and tools do you use in your everyday workday?

64) Share tips on how people can get into your industry. 

65) Share tips on a specific part of getting into your industry. For example, creating a portfolio or gaining work experience. 

66) Share how you inspire yourself – whether it’s a walk, a website or daily meditation. 

67) Share your work’s Spotify playlist.

68) Share how your industry has changed over the years and – hopefully – how your business is successfully adapting.

69) Share hidden knowledge, such as keyboard shortcuts or ways to remember a spelling.

70) Think up unique ways people could use your product or service. 

71) Explain the importance of taking your specialism seriously, for example why people should take cybersecurity seriously. 

72) Your business on tour: Share your team’s experience on a recent business trip. 

73) Create a glossary of technical terms in your industry. 

74) A Q+A post where you answer customers/readers questions sent in via social media. 

75) Create an A-Z guide to a particular topic related to your industry. 

76) Share the best parts of your job.

77) Share the worst parts of your job. 

78) Think of 3 or 5 words to describe your business and outline why you’ve chosen them.

79) Share some of your office’s quirks and traditions. 

80) Share some of the best places to eat in your city or local area. 

81) Share some of your favourite sites to see in your city or local area. 

82) Share how your team stays productive and motivated.

83) Share what you wish you had known when first starting your business. 

84) Share some fun, unknown facts about your business, office or members of staff (with their permission, of course). 

85) Ask your team members to share their best tips for customers. For example, bookkeeping tips if you’re an accountant. 

85) Try improving your habits or a business process for a month and document it on your blog. 

86) Share your best time-saving tips – it could be relevant to your industry or simply being a business owner.

87) Share the best blog posts, articles or social media posts you have read and enjoyed recently. 

89) Round up the top takeaway points from a book you’ve recently enjoyed. 

90) Round up the top takeaway points from a podcast you’ve recently enjoyed. 

91) Round up the top takeaway points from a documentary you’ve recently enjoyed. 

92) Create a cheat sheet on a topic in your industry. 

93) Create a list of questions that customers should ask, but don’t. 

94) Share photos of your office pet or mascot. 

95) Curate a list of inspiring TED talks related to your niche. 

96) Share the weirdest customer request you’ve fulfilled (unless it’s going to embarrass that customer or paint someone in a bad light). 

97) Share photos of your office pets/mascots. 

98) Think of 99 ways that people can use your product. 

Remember, these ideas could also be used for other types of content and are not exclusive to blogging – we’re thinking video, podcasts and social media posts. Get out there, get creative and most importantly have fun telling your story to the world.

If you’ve got the ideas, but think you need an extra pair of hands when it comes to content creation or blog writing, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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